National Association of Minority Meeting Managers (NAMMM)

The ULTIMATE meeting planning association of the millennium. Established on February 15, 2000 for the primary purpose of educating minority-Americans who work in the meeting planning industry on a full or part time basis.

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Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Sylvia Washington, President
Social Security Administration

Angela Sago, Executive VP
New Century Bank 

Carmella Lacey, Secretary
Social Security Administration

Brian McCall, Treasurer
Israelite Productions

Patricia Washington, Director
Social Security Administration

Ethel Witt-McCall, Executive Director
EWM Performance



Managers Liaison Council (MLC)

The Managers Liaison Council (MLC) was established to provide a strategic planning body of Industry professionals who shall promote an organizational structure that provides the flexibility to meet the mission of the (NAMMM) National Association of Minority Meeting Managers.

Team member delegates shall be empowered as mentors within the NAMMM organization, and therefore, must strive to educate members, potential members, and others who do business in the Industry about the NAMMM culture of Unity and Success.

Delegates to the MLC must be members in good standing in the NAMMM, and shall be held to a standard of conduct in their roles of involvement within the meeting management/hospitality Industry and shall share a common interest in positioning the NAMMM to the pinnacle of success.

NAMMM Unity Meeting Forum - Atlanta GA - 2002



Flora Vickers Educational Foundation

The purpose of the Educational Foundation is to provide expert knowledge and experience by coaching, guidance, and training; and to procure funding through donations and fundraising for scholarship award and continuing education.

  • CMP Designation Training
  • MLC Delegate Mentoring
  • Reading Club
  • Silent Auction
  • Speaker/Educator Referral
  • Political Action Connection
  • Spiritual Expressions
NAMMM Unity Meeting Forum San Francisco, CA - 2001
NAMMM Unity Meeting Forum Chicago, IL - 2000